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Metal Dice

Metal Dice

Metal D&D Dice Set

You’ll need a reliable set of RPG dice to accompany you no matter where your adventures take you. A metal dice set is not only more durable but makes you feel like a greater deity. The extra weight gives metal DnD dice an awesome sound and a more controlled roll. It’s hard to go back after you’ve wielded the power of a hefty metal D20.

Metal dice are a great way to express your characters. Feel the weight of your Fighter’s blow of his greatsword, cleaving an enemy in twain with the roll of his Copper & Black Metal Dice. Or maybe you want to show the righteousness of your Oath of Devotion Paladin, sworn to protect and brandishing a set of the bright Pearl Silver Metal Dice. Just in it for the devastating Sneak Attack damage and shiny treasure? we have your Rogue covered with a Gold Metal Dice set.

Put some weight behind your saving throws and roll for initiative with confidence. Our metal alloy dice just feel good to use and command respect as they hit the table. Level up your game character with the perfect metal dice set for your Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or other tabletop RPG campaign. 

Find dice in our online shop, order today and start rolling with shipping from our Australian warehouse. See our full range of custom dice below:

Dungeons & Dragons: Metal Dice

Metal D&D Dice Sets are more often expensive but their extremely hard-wearing finishes mean that they’ll often last longer than their plastic equivalent. but you’ll need to be careful of the damage they can inflict, not just to opponents, but also the wooden tables they are rolled on. We recommend using a simple mouse pad or buying one of our affordable Dice Trays.

All metal dice sets from Adventurer’s loot come in sturdy dice boxes lined with foam to prevent scuffing and keep them in pristine condition.

FAQ on Metal Dice

Are metal dice better?

Metal dice are more hardwearing when compared to normal resin dice. Typically metal dice are a lot heavier and the dice sets can include sharp edges and more intricate designs. When it comes to “better”, its all down to personal preference for heavy dice. 

Are metal dice balanced?

Our zinc alloy dice are very well-balanced and will roll consistently in your game. With such even rolls, our dice are perfect for your campaign.

Can metal dice damage tables?

Yes. With a heavier weight and sharper corners, we have seen instances where a vigorous roll has resulted in damage to the table. Customers have commented that they will only roll dice on padded surfaces or in one of our wooden dice trays.

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