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D&D Dice

Seek no more, traveler – you have discovered the finest in wares right here at Adventurer’s Loot.

Our Guild have sourced the best D&D Dice one could desire for RPG. Ask us no questions on their origin; instead, marvel at the range of colours and styles to fulfil your every fantastical adventuring whim.

Lightweight, affordable, and ready to tumble into action at but a moment’s notice for your next campaign. Browse our trove of acrylic Dungeons & Dragons Dice sets today.

Adventurer’s Loot

The hand of fate is upon you! Fill its fickle palm with vibrant, varied, quality D&D dice perfect for attack rolls, constitution saves… And crits, if Lady Luck be on your side.

Show your prowess before your roll has begun with dice that are a beauty to behold and a pleasure to roll.

Your next dice set is waiting for you, proudly supplied by the incomparable (and reputable, ask no more questions) rogues at Adventurer’s Loot. From Perth, Australia to Neverwinter – with fast, tracked shipping.

FAQs for D&D Dice

A word of advice, my friend: Some things will feel right, but there are rarely any wrong choice so long as the DND dice set is balanced.

Acrylic dice can be smoother with rounded edges, easy to read with high contrast numbers… and should your purse be running low, acrylic (or resin) dice are usually easier on the pocket than metal dice.

They fair float across the table, lighter and likelier to roll further than zinc alloy would. For a distinguished adventurer such as yourself, you may consider a dice tray to keep their rolling in check.

Some merchants like to get fancy with unusual materials. Mind that some of these more exotic confections are more delicate. We currently do not source wood, glass or bone Dungeons & Dragons dice. ‘Tis for your own good… We believe the quality of our dice surpasses the novelty of these alternatives.

But of course! Standard Dungeons & Dragons dice are less durable than metal – the might of which is so rarely burdened by the passage of time and use – but they will certainly see you through many quests regardless.

As fantastical beasties safekeep their treasures, so must you keep your DND dice safe. A word of advice: Store them dry, clean, and separate to any metal dice in a case or pouch. We recommend our Dragon’s Hoard PU Leather Case as a compact, secure option for up to seven sets of dice.

Your hoard is the sum of your choices. The best materials for your dice set depends entirely on your preference.

If you are but new to the adventurous world of D&D, acrylic dice are accessible and offer many options to enhance your character’s journey.

Note: Dungeons & Dragons dice can also make a great gift for fellow party members or your DM, should you wish to become a benefactor.

Adventurer’s Loot DnD dice are suited for other table top RPG games as well, like Pathfinder. Our stock can handle whatever your group sets up.

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