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Cats Dice Set – Purrito


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Introducing the “Purrito” Dice Set, a charming and unique addition to your Dungeons & Dragons adventures. This set, inspired by a delightful cat named Purrito, combines the whimsy of feline grace with the excitement of D&D. Each die in the set mirrors the colors of Purrito’s fur, featuring a blend of soft whites, warm greys, and subtle stripes, reminiscent of a cozy, curled-up cat. The numbers are inscribed in a playful font that evokes the mischievous twinkle in a cat’s eye.

The 20-sided die, the centerpiece of any D&D dice set, boasts a special design: a tiny paw print replaces the number 20, symbolizing a “purrrfect” roll. The set includes the standard array of polyhedral dice, each one a tribute to Purrito’s charming quirks, from the gentle curve of its back to the tip of its playful tail. It’s not just a dice set; it’s an embodiment of feline charm and adventuring spirit, sure to bring a smile and a touch of whimsy to your gaming table.

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