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Black & Purple – RPG Dice


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Black & Purple – RPG Dice

You’ll be rolling in style with these black and purple acrylic dice set.

The right color scheme and the perfect size for your Archfey Warlock or Shadar-Kai sorcerer. Even better shape! Why settle for just one die when you can have a whole set of D&D dice.

If you’re obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons, this is the perfect gift for you. These black and purple dice are great for D&D and most other tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder. The dice have a high quality of construction which means easy rolling action for eager adventurers, giving you more time to focus on conquering dungeons and slaying dragons instead of worrying about dice probability theory.

Whether you’re an experienced player or just a beginner to the game, these dice are perfect for all, especially those looking for a professional looking dice set. The colors are striking, and the dice have high-quality engraving with numbers that will last through years of play.

Get your hands on some of these slick looking dice. Choose your fate today!

This Adventurer’s Loot Dice Set Includes:

    • 7 x acrylic gaming dice:
      • d4
      • d6
      • d8
      • d10 (0-9)
      • D100 (10-00)
      • d12
      • d20
    • BONUS: 1 x Black Velvet Dice Bag
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