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Black Nickel Green – Acid Storm Metal Dice


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Behold The “Acid Storm”, Metal Dice That Will Initiate The Fight!

Beautifully hand-made by the goblins of the lost mines, the Acid Storm dice are crafted in polished, Black Nickel Zinc Alloy with a drop of Green Dragon Blood. Durable and hardwearing our dice are easy to roll and hard to damage.

Be warned Adventurer, Acid Storm Dice will initiate fights with little or no provocation, picking on creatures of any size.  If the target appears weak, these dice will make their presence known quickly as they enjoy evoking terror.   If the target is intriguing or seems formidable, the Acid Storm dice will stalk the creature to determine the best time to strike and the most appropriate tactics to use.

Acid Storm Dice align with Lawful Evil adventurers and are fiercely loyal, especially if there is treasure nearby.

The Black Nickel Green 7 Piece Metal Dice Set Includes:

One each of the following

  • D4, D6, D8, D10 (0-9), D100 / % (10-00), D12, D20


  • 7 x Metal Dice
  • Free: Adventurer’s Loot Metal Dice Tin


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