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Black and Gold Metal Dice


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Behold the Midnight Goldsmith’s Enigma, a set of dice crafted not just for gaming, but to be the centerpiece of your collection. Each die is an amalgamation of precision and luxury, reminiscent of an artisan’s masterwork forged in the dead of night, under the watchful gaze of the crescent moon.

Imagine, as these dice roll across the table, that you are not merely playing a game, but also weaving a tale of intrigue and opulence. The deep black hue of the dice, highlighted by the lustrous gold numbering, speaks of a mysterious nobility that only the finest in Waterdeep could possess.

These dice are not just tools for chance; they are talismans of fortune, designed to make every roll feel like a moment of destiny being unfurled. Whether they are clutched in your hand as you call upon the gods for favor, or rattling in a cup before determining the outcome of a daring encounter, the Midnight Goldsmith’s Enigma promises to bring a touch of the extraordinary to your campaign.

Perfect for those who command elegance and enigma in equal measure, these dice await your summons. Will you rise to the call of destiny?

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