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Hollow Gold Metal Dice


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Beneath the wise brow of this majestic creature, deep gold eyes shimmer with a light of ancient knowledge and intelligence, reflecting the wisdom of countless ages. The gold dragon’s noble visage is graced by a single, distinguished horn that rises with elegance from its forehead, above ears that curve gently, shaped by wisdom and time. Along the contours of its powerful jaws, rows of delicate tendrils suggest a regal beard, symbolizing its venerable status. Its snout, noble and broad, features two grand, rounded nostrils, while a small, intricate crystal growth on its chin whispers of profound magic. The sight of its teeth, neatly aligned within its mouth, speaks not of terror, but of a dignified strength, reserved for those who seek its counsel or dare challenge its sagacity

With premium Hollow Gold Dragon metal dice you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Combining the strength of metal with cutting-edge technology, these dice are breathtakingly beautiful. The hollow crafting process allows dice to be made with an unparalleled level of detail with each number guarded by a dragon.

Put some weight behind your saving throws and roll for initiative with confidence. Our metal zinc alloy dice just feel good to use and command respect as they hit the table. Level up your game character with the perfect metal dice set for your Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or other tabletop RPG campaign.

The Hollow Gold Metal Dice 7 Piece Dice Set Includes:

One each of the following die:  – D4 – D6 – D8 – D10 (0-9) – D100 / % (10-00) – D12 – D20


  • 7 x Metal Dice
  • Free: Adventurer’s Loot Metal Dice Tin


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