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Metal Dice

Roll for initiative with our selection of metal dice. These dice sets are not only more durable, but also more impressive in look and feel. The heavy weight gives metal DnD dice an awesome sound and a more controlled roll for a sensory experience you will absolutely love.

You’ll find it hard to go back to plastic after you’ve wielded the power of a hefty metal D20… It might be time to give new things a try, starting with metal dice for your best experience.

Browse and choose dice in our online store, order today and start rolling with shipping from our warehouse in Australia. See our full range of custom metal die sets below:

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FAQs on Metal Dice

It comes down to preference… but metal dice look and feel more impressive, in our humble opinion.

Metal dice are more hardwearing when compared to normal resin dice, offering a durability advantage for years of adventure. Typically, metal dice are also a lot heavier than resin by virtue of their materials.

The dice sets can include sharp edges, beautiful colour work, and more intricate designs. They make a powerful statement at any table.

Our stock of zinc alloy metal dice are very well balanced and will roll consistently in your games. With such even rolls, a metal dice set puts your character’s fate in your hands.

We can’t promise you’ll get the numbers you want every time – great dice are still dice, after all – but we can say these dice will bring an element of grandeur to any RPG quest while providing a fair and random outcome.

Yes. With a heavier weight and sharper corners, a vigorous roll can result in damage to the table. We don’t recommend playing on the good furniture (or anything you don’t want to risk) without any protective layers.

Don’t worry, there’s easy ways to help you avoid damage – customers have advised they use a padded surface, like a mousepad, or use a tray. Dice trays in particular will still provide that satisfying sensory experience as the dice make contact.

See each listing for specific detail on their content and composition. All of our metal die sets come with a sturdy storage tin for safekeeping to ensure your product doesn’t get lost or damaged when not in use.

Every set sold is dispatched from our Perth warehouse using Australia Post, including parcel tracking & insurance. Add to cart and shop with confidence – we’ll take care of the rest.

Get into character with metal dice

Themed dice are a great opportunity to express your characters in role playing games. Dazzle your DM and be the envy of your party with the inherent fanfare of a metal dice set.

Feel the weight of your Fighter’s greatsword in hand, cleaving an enemy in twain with a commanding tumble of his Antique Gold Metal Dice. Show the righteousness of your Paladin, sworn to protect and brandishing a set of the bright Pearl Silver Metal Dice. Just in it for the devastating Sneak Attack damage and the lure of shiny treasure? We have your Rogue covered with a Gold Metal Dice set.

Types of metal dice for RPG Campaigns

Form meets function! We have three types of zinc alloy dice here at Adventurer’s Loot, each with their own characteristics and rolling sound, and a variety of dashing designs.

  1. Hollow metal dice: The newest addition in our range. These have a more ‘tinny’ sound compared to the other heavier kinds, but still make a satisfying clink.

  2. Heavy alloy metal dice: Our top sellers and most hefty. The OG heavy metal kind has a stronger sound and a more luxurious, weighted feel. Did you steal these from a dragon’s hoard? No matter, they’re yours now.

  3. Light alloy metal dice: Softer in sound and a little lighter in weight, light alloy metals allow for the best of both worlds if you’re after something a little more demure (but no less durable) than heavy metal.

If you’re after recommendations to discover your ideal alloy, see more information about the range in our metal DnD dice videos.

Our tactile metal alloy dice feel extremely satisfying to use, and command respect as they hit the table. Level up your game character with a new metal dice set for your Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or other tabletop RPG campaign.

Durable Dungeons & Dragons dice sets

Metal D&D Dice Sets are often more expensive but, thanks to their extremely hard-wearing finishes, they’ll likely outlast their plastic equivalents.

You’ll need to be careful of the damage they can inflict, not just in the world of your campaign but also IRL…. wooden tabletops can make less-than-formidable opponents for metal dice with sharp corners. We recommend using a simple mouse pad or buying one of our affordable Dice Trays for future quests.

All metal dice sets from Adventurer’s Loot come in sturdy dice boxes lined with foam to prevent scuffing and keep them in the best condition.

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