Gold Metal Dice are highly sorted, and considered valuable rollers that deliver on Crit Rolls.  Gold Dice succeed where other dice have failed.
Lawful Metal Dice
Black Nickel Zinc Alloy with a drop of Red Dragon Blood, These dice are pure evil and recommended for only the chaotic of adventurers.
Chaotic Metal Dice
Now Only $30

Greetings adventurer and welcome to Adventurer’s Loot. We source the best RPG dice from roguish travellers and adventurer’s who have fantastical tales to tell, some of our dice are very rare indeed, while some of our dice have been acquired by underhanded means…..we ask no questions, we simply source the best dice in the land.

Please feel free to browse around, take your time and make yourself at home.  We regularly supply DnD dice to a wide variety of folks, including human bards, elven rangers, dwarven clerics, half-orc barbarians, halflings, tieflings, and even vampires. You’re in good company.

If you have any questions, prepare your cantrip and cast message.

DND Core Books

Choose your race, pick your class and create your D&D character. Begin your RPG campaign with the Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks.  Find d&d 5th edition books at Adventurer’s Loot.

Conjure The Guild Master

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