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Metal DND Dice

Why You Should Own a Metal DND Dice Set

Playing with metal DND dice is like wearing a leather jacket. It’s not strictly necessary, other things will do the job – but damn, it does look and feel way cooler than standard issue items.

Finding the dice set that speaks to your Dungeons & Dragons character’s legend can be a process. If you’re finding your current dice lack that certain grandiose impact, we recommend trying some of the incredible creations in our metal DND dice range.

Buy Your Metal Dice from Adventurers Loot

Metal DND dice have a certain seductive appeal, much like your party’s charismatic Rogue when they need to get past an NPC without damage.

Using metal dice makes a statement. There’s no better feeling than instantly commanding attention and turning heads with the sound of your metal dice tumbling across a surface to determine your character’s next move. Fate is in your hands… and it looks so good.

Then the oooohs and aaaaahs of “they are soooo nice!” will give you a sense of smugness that only being the player with the best dice can bring. You’re welcome.

They’ll ask, “Where did you get those?!” And then when someone picks up your D20 and gives it a couple of rolls, you’ll know you have changed lives. Not to be dramatic or anything, but it’s hard to go back to other dice after feeling the power of a hefty metal D20.

As a DM at DNDFREO, I used to play with the standard set of resin dnd dice, but then a friend put me onto metal dice and, well, I haven’t looked back.

Roll for initiative. BOOM. Attack Roll. NAT20! Saving Throws. NAT1… but plus 3, plus 4, plus this, fudge that… BOOM, DIRTY 20!

You can find three very specific metal DND dice sets in stock at Adventurer’s Loot:

  • Heavy alloy metal dice
  • Light alloy metal dice
  • Hollow metal dice

Each dice set has a different weight, sound, and rolling effect that can help you bring your character to life.

Heavy alloy metal dice

Watch as I roll the heavy gold metal dice. The sound is stronger than the light alloy metal dice, and not tinny like the hollow metal dice.

Light alloy metal dice

Watch me roll the light alloy metal dice. The sound is softer than the heavy metal, and not tinny like the hollow metal dice.

Hollow metal dice

Watch as I roll the hollow metal dice. These dice create a tinny sound that is higher than both the heavy metal and light alloy metal dice.

Dungeons & Dragons: Metal Dice

Metal D&D Dice Sets are more often expensive but their extremely hard-wearing finishes mean that they’ll often last longer than their plastic equivalent. but you’ll need to be careful of the damage they can inflict, not just to opponents, but also to the wooden tables they are rolled on. We recommend using a simple dice box or buying one of our affordable Dice Trays.

FAQ on Metal Dice

Are metal dice better than resin dice?

Metal dice are certainly more durable than most dice, including resin dice. They’re not necessarily ‘better’ – it’s all a matter of opinion, but using metal dice feels great and offers a very precise roll (without as much skittering around the table as lighter options).

You will need to be aware of potential damage IRL to table tops when using metal dice. As a matter of courtesy to your DM (and their furniture) it’s best practice to use a mouse pad or dice tray to roll your metal DND dice in.

Are metal dice balanced?

All of our metal DND dice are very well-balanced and will roll consistently in your game. With such even rolls, our dice are perfect for your campaign.

Do metal dice damage tables?

Yes. With a heavier weight and sharper corners, we have seen instances where a vigorous roll has resulted in damage to the table.

Customers have commented that they will only roll dice on padded surfaces or in one of our wooden dice trays. This is the best way to avoid scratching or denting any surfaces.

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