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Antique Nickel Metal Dice


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Antique Nickel Metal Dice

Antique Nickel Dice are viewed in as many different ways as there are nickel dice practitioners. To some, rolling nickel dice is a scholarly science. Others view rolling nickel dice as a natural force they have an innate knack for. To a select few, rolling nickel dice is literally a part of them. The PC differs from other arcanists in that he is actually a creature of magic, not a creature that practices magic. No one studies to become a magus, magi are born with their gift of rolling nickel dice —for better or worse.

Often times, their powers will usually manifest themselves at a very young age. There have been many dangerous, some even fatal, instances of young PC’s uncontrolled rolling power harming another or themselves. Many are raised to fear and deny their rolling power, some even cast out as demons, while others are taught to cultivate and refine it.

The magus’ true nature almost always wins out, though, and if he is in a setting where his gift is not appreciated, or worse, reviled, he will most often leave to pursue a place where he will be free to hone his abilities.

The Antique Nickel 7 Piece Metal Dice Set Includes:

One each of the following

  • D4
  • D6
  • D8
  • D10 (0-9)
  • D100 / % (10-00)
  • D12
  • D20


  • 7 x Metal Dice
  • Free: Adventurer’s Loot Metal Dice Tin


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