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D&D Creature and NPC Cards

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I recently got hooked on the D&D Creature and NPC cards made for 5th edition. I found that using cards NPC’s and monsters has changed how I run games as a Dungeon Master. Instead of searching through the book for stats or details, I just pick out the cards I think I’ll need before the game. This makes everything quicker and easier. Also, these cards are really useful for showing my players what a monster or item looks like. They provide a quick visual reference which is great.

These 182 strong, easy-to-clean cards are perfect for your next Dungeons & Dragons game. They include all sorts of non-player characters (NPCs) your group might meet. Whether it’s a bandit captain’s special abilities or a giant spider’s sneakiness, these cards help Dungeon Masters (DMs) quickly find and use the info they need. This keeps the game running smoothly, especially during important moments.

On one side of each card, you’ll find the latest game stats. Plus, 66 of these cards also have amazing artwork to make your battles more exciting, without giving away any rules.

These cards are always useful, no matter what fifth edition D&D game you’re playing.

They’re a must-have for every Dungeon Master, making their job a lot easier.

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