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How can I begin playing Dungeons and Dragons?

Begin Playing D&D

We were recently contacted by a prospective Adventurer who wanted to know how they could begin playing Dungeons and Dragons. Well, my friends, we pulled together some tips on getting into your first D&D adventure.

Start Playing RPGs

  1. 5e or 3.5E? We recommend starting with the 5th edition rules which are more user-friendly for beginners, it’s intuitive to learn, streamlined, and good looking. Edition 3.5 is known as Pathfinder which is equally excellent but things are more customization-oriented, you are given more options, but there are some rougher patches.
  2. Get familiar with the basic rules: You can find a free Basic Rules for Dungeons & Dragons online from the publisher.
  3. Player’s Handbook: Get yourself a copy of the D&D Player’s Handbook. This is one of the core rulebooks for Dungeons & Dragons.  Pick your race, choose your class and start creating your character.
  4. Ready to Roll? You’ll need to get a set of dice. The basic set includes a D4, D6, D8, D10, D100, D12, D20. You can find a good set of cheap dice at Adventurer’s Loot or if you’re looking for a serious set of dice you can try a set of metal dice.

Adventurers Wanted

    1. Find a D&D Party. Check out the Perth RPG Map for players and games. There are a few shops around like Good Games, Rabblemaster who offer beginner nights and campaigns so check in with them to see what campaigns will suit you.
    2. Make Time to Commit. A good session can last anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours so finding a suitable time to get everyone together can be difficult. Make sure you’re ready to commit to the same time, same day out of courtesy for the rest of your team.
    3. GET ALL INVOLVED! Once everyone agrees with the style of game GET INVOLVED!  As questions, use accents, have a laugh, try new things. Don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet and immerse yourself in the realm of D&D.

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