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Gold Metal Dice


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Gold Metal Dice

Wealth appears in many forms in a D&D campaign. Coins, gemstones, trade goods, art objects, animals, and property can reflect your character’s financial well-being.  Opportunities abound to find treasure, equipment, weapons, armour, and more in the dungeons you explore.

Historically, Gold Metal Dice, as well as silver and other precious metals like chrome and zine to a lesser extent, have been seen as a valuable rollers. Gold Metal worked in this regard: it was fungible, it was measurable, and it delivered on critical roles; and so it remained for many centuries the traditional dice to succeed where other metal dice failed.

The Gold 7 Piece Metal Dice Set Includes:

One each of the following

  • D4
  • D6
  • D8
  • D10 (0-9)
  • D100 / % (10-00)
  • D12
  • D20


  • 7 x Metal Dice
  • Free: Adventurer’s Loot Metal Dice Tin


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